[CT Birds] Royal terns, Peregrine vs Osprey

lpflynn at optonline.net lpflynn at optonline.net
Thu Jul 23 12:00:45 EDT 2009

7/23 Norwalk Harbor, CT. Several Royal Terns feeding in Harbor as seen from South Norwalk Boat Club 10:30 am.
Norwalk Islands, on 7/18 Young Peregrine Falcon attacking three adult Osprey in flight; while forth adult Osprey was guarding a nest of two young Osprey. 
Falcon was doing its best to get to the young Osprey, and swiped at the nestlings several times; after a ten minute skirmish the falcon finally gave up and was escorted away from the nest site by the three air born adults. Sort of looked like a F16 fighter plane toying with  fleet of 747 jumbo jets. Cool!
Larry Flynn

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