[CT Birds] Sandy Pt.

MARIA STOCKMAL m.stockmal at snet.net
Sun Jul 26 11:59:25 EDT 2009

While monitoring Piping Plovers I discovered one Whimbrel out in the mud flats, two Western Willets in the same area, two Laughing Gulls, and one Peregrin Falcon out on the furthest sandbar.
The rest were the usual.  
FYI:  The Piping Plovers were very difficult to count this year.  The highest count for chicks I had was nine and the highest count for fledged chicks I could confirm is eight.  There could have been more.  The Piping Plover chicks are not staying after the adults leave as in years past.  The season should be over next Sunday at Sandy Pt.  The remaining three small chicks will be four weeks old and right now they are anxious to fly. 
Maria Stockmal

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