[CT Birds] Brown Pelicans off Long Island

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Hi Dave,I've been searching for pelicans (and any other rarity) along the Stratford/Milford and Westport coasts.  Every time I go to Short Beach I look over the breakwater, navigation markers, and tidal flats for unusual cormorants, pelicans, gulls, terns, and shorebirds.  So far in recent weeks I've had Caspian and Forster's Tern and 3 Whimbrels.  I keep expecting Roseate, Royal Terns (and hoping for Arctic), as well as Bonaparte's or similar gulls.  Southbound shorebird numbers are building now.  Milford Point too is an excellent place to check on a regular basis.
As August quickly nears, other species to be watched for along the coast are things like Sabine's Gull (very rare, but there was one - along with Little and Black-headed - up in S. Maine or NH for several days two weeks ago), stints, godwits, phalaropes, petrels and shearwaters.  Also rare egrets/herons.  There have been 3 different Roseate Spoonbills in the Delaware/New Jersey area in recent weeks.  One interesting juv. snowy egret I found the other day had a pale yellow base to the bill (as illustrated in Sibley), enticing me to rule out rarer species.
Yes, northern breeders and non-breeders already heading south,  southern breeders exploring feeding grounds to the north, western breeders wandering east (note the male Western Tanager a week or so ago, and the chance for a really rare hummingbird at your garden or feeder), it can be an interesting season.  Keep your eyes to the skies.
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A minimum of 5 Brown Pelicans have been seen on the south shore of Long
Island this past week. The last time there was an incursion of multiple
Brown Pelicans on the south shore (10 years ago? 15?)  we managed to have a
few show up in CT waters. I saw one sitting on the breakwater off Stonington
point. Stonington Point would be a good place to watch but Pelicans were
seen singly at a few spots all along the coast. Now obviously there is no
guarantee any will show up in CT waters but I just wanted to put the word
out. While I'm at it, Cory's Shearwaters and a Sandwich Tern were seen from
shore in southwestern RI. The 1995 Little Gull seen from Millstone Point in
Dennis's report was mine and highlights that we are entering a very
interesting period as arctic breeders are moving south. Jaegers in
particular could show up almost anywhere there is water. In CT they seem to
never stay more than a few minutes or are seen as flybys only alas.


The Little Gull I mentioned before was first seen the day before by my two
oldest children and I as we canoed between Bluff Point and the Groton/New
London airport. It flew down the river and as it approached us I got pretty
excited and loudly told my kids "Little Gull, Little Gull!" as it flew right
alongside us and only 10 ft off the water. They were 11 years old (son) and
9 years old (daughter) at the time and they really couldn't have cared less.


Dave Provencher

Naturally <http://naturallynewengland.blogspot.com/>  New England


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