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Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 27 09:33:05 EDT 2009

7/23-26, Seaside Park (all over, Thurs-Sunday night)-
Throughtout the vibes I was able to do a wee bit of birding, as well as just catching some fly-bys.  Here is a quick list of species seen...
-Least Sandpipers
-Semipal Pipers (a few dozen)
-Semipal plover (only 2)
-Greater Yellowlegs
-DC Cormorants (dozens)
-Peregrine Falcon (saw him on thursday and saturday)
-several Ospreys
-tons of Monk Parakeets
-Willow Fly*
-Great and Snowy egrets
-Laughing gulls (two came right onto the sidewalk)
-large amounts of Common terns, including several young'ns
-(3) Roseatte terns (sunrise Sat. morn)
-many Black-backed gulls in addition to Herrings and Ring-bill
-one fly-by Glossy Ibis
-Barn and bank Swallows
-lots and lots of Swifts flying over/around UB and the huge arches at the end of Park Ave.
**(Both in the reeds aaaallll the way down to the west end)**
I was waiting for the sunrise Sat morn, and around 4-4:30 a lot of very large birds were moving east.  They were larger than gulls, I think.  Also at night, Killdeers were flying overhead.... and a bird that flew like a woodcock but was much bigger.  Football shaped body with somewhat large, pointed wings and fast wingbeats (seen around 4am).
I have been attending the vibes for 5 years now, and the people are al considerate and friendly... however, this year (and last) I was very upset to see literally hundreds of glow-sticks thrown into the sound. As well as mortars and bottle rockets being set off directly into it.  I really hope that won't affect anything....
-Brian Webster-
Stratford, CT
b.webster at hotmail.com

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