[CT Birds] 7/25 - Barn Island WMA - Northern Bobwhite

johnrmarshall at aol.com johnrmarshall at aol.com
Mon Jul 27 20:51:37 EDT 2009

When I was at Barn Island WMA on Saturday, July 25,?I heard a Bobwhite call once. It was the Bob-Bob-White call. It was quite clear. I heard it while observing sandpipers in the first impondment. Bob Dewire was probably in the area of the second or third impondment at the time and he did not hear it. I did a little web research today and found that Bobwhites were released less than 20 miles away in the vicinity of Hope Valley, RI, at the end of May.
Also of note, I saw the Red-headed Woodpecker Sunday morning at the first grove on the right hand side of Tranquility Road north of Route 64 in Middlebury at 6:05 AM.? After disappearing into the trees it called twice.

John Marshall

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