[CT Birds] Dark eyed junco

Ann spoonbill at optonline.net
Mon Jul 27 22:13:13 EDT 2009

Goshen, West Hyerdale Drive- Dark eyed junco behind a private residence. It
was singing and foraging at the edge of a hemlock grove. It may have nested
here and I missed it for the census or it could have come down from Mohawk
Mountain where I have observed them nesting in past years. In any case, it
was a surprise to find one in July. Other birds in the same grove were downy
and hairy woodpeckers, black throated green warbler with a young one, black
and white warbler, several young black capped chickadees and titmouse. My
feeders continue with purple finches. Milton road in Goshen had two singing
male indigo buntings and a mixed flock of yellow and common yellow throated
warblers, Baltimore orioles, Carolina wrens and most of them with young.
Ravens are still here in Goshen.  Ann  Orsillo


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