[CT Birds] Bobolink Immatures

etbchs at aol.com etbchs at aol.com
Tue Jul 28 07:54:20 EDT 2009

7/28/09 Bristol, CT 6-7am. 4 young Bobolinks venturing from deep in the grasses out into the open areas now.I haven't seen the adult males since their coloring started to change.But it looks like the Bobolinks aren't through with Orchard Hill field areas just yet.It has also been a very active time for young Eastern Kingbirds and Northern Mockingbirds. Lots of Chipping,Song Sparrows and Red Wing BB young as well. Cooper Hawks are frequenting more often. I have had several flyovers of 50+? birds I've yet to ID. Movement is starting around here-NW Bristol.

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