[CT Birds] Purple Martins at UCONN

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Wed Jul 29 09:57:21 EDT 2009

As some of you know, about 2 months ago 4 young Purple Martins  were seen 
at a Martin House on the UCONN Campus in Storrs.  Previously this  house was 
used by house sparrows for several years, and they are using  one  hole this 
year, even though a nest they built was cleaned out earlier in the  year.   
Purple Martins were last known to nest in the area in  1985.  The Martins 
selected a nest hole and proceeded to nest there - there  is apparently only 
one female.  Daily activity was seen around the house,  and finally, a chick 
was seen through the entrance hole.  Soon a 2nd  nestling was spotted, and 
a 3rd one was seen once in a picture I took, but  no evidence of a 3rd one 
since.  All  4 of the original birds are  still around, and at least 3 are 
actively participating in caring for the  nestlings.
2 chicks can be seen daily, and are obviously growing fast,  although it is 
now evident that 1 is much bigger than the other.  We don't  know when the 
eggs actually hatched, so we have no real idea when they should  fledge.  I 
have several picture sets showing the birds and their progress -  in the 
first set, in pictures 1213 and 1214, a third head with an "eyeball" can  be 
seen behind the first 2 nestlings:
Here is a link to a very bad photo that clearly shows the size  difference, 
taken 7/28:
Don Morgan
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