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Bird Lore Volume 36 Page 170
Ediible Gulls.
P. A. Morris, New Haven Conn.

Most people would rebel at the idea of eating a Sea Gull, for  
gastronimical if not esthetic reasons. Their constant muscular  
activity would seem to render the flesh rather tough  and stringy,  
while their marine diet must give them a rank fishy taste, to say the  

Last summer, however, on a visit to the western coast of  
Newfoundland, I found them a common article of food, the Gulls being  
raised like so many chickens. They were the Black-backed Gulls which  
nest in large colonies on the cliffs, usually overlooking inland  
waterways such as lagoons, bays, and fresh-water lakes, seldom on the  
open sea-coast.

When the fledging Gulls are fully feathered out they are taken from  
their nest and fed on a mixture of cornmeal and warm water. As they  
grow older their wings are cliped and they are permitted to run with  
the ducks and chickens, eating table scraps, supplemented by the  
cornmeal mush, until fall.

The cultivated Gulls grow much larger and fatter than their wild  
bothers, and are quite tame. By Thanksgiving-time each family has  
several birds that weigh as much as average-sized chickens. Never  
having tased any fish they are said to be excellent eating.

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