[CT Birds] Pewee update, Black-billed Cuckoo, Barred Owls

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Mon Aug 3 23:48:38 EDT 2009

The Eastern Wood-pewee nest I have been watching is doing  well.  The 2 
nestlings (outside chance there is a third) are growing  fast.  They are about 
4 times the size they were when they hatched, have  lost alot of their white 
fuzzy down in favor of stubby feathers, have open eyes,  and are very 
hungry.  Both mom and pop are bringing food.  They  hatched a week ago today 
(Monday) and are due to fledge in about another week,  according to the 
information I found. Here's a link to the latest  pictures:

While I was watching Monday I heard a Black-billed Cuckoo calling, and  was 
subsequently able to spot the bird.  Last Saturday at about 3:00 pm I  
heard 2 Barred Owls calling back and forth from the same spot.  They  sounded 
very close - 2 or 3 hundred yards at the most.  The Pewee nest is  near 
Mansfield Hollow SP, which is a very birdy spot.  I hear an  Ovenbird calling 
every time I stop there.  I spotted the Pewees while I was  there checking for 
birds, about a month ago.
Don Morgan
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