[CT Birds] Tuesday, 8/4, White Ibis at Silver Sands SP, Short-billed Dowitchers

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Wed Aug 5 08:24:39 EDT 2009

I took a trip yesterday to see the Ibis, arriving about  9:15.  I only saw 
a few in the air and 4 on the ground during the morning,  although I did get 
some unusually good looks at some Marsh Wrens.  I headed  over to Milford 
Point for a while, and was able to see the Short-billed  Dowitchers.  Looked 
to me as though there was at least 6 of  them.
I went back to Silver Sands, and sure enough, the whole Ibis  flock was on 
the grassy area to the left of the road just before the stop sign,  slurping 
up nightcrawlers or whatever at an unbelievable rate.    Didn't take long 
to spot the White-faced Ibis just by scanning the flock.   I agree with 
Mark's assessment of the differences between the 2 species,  although I think the 
green/purple highlight coloration depends to some extent on  the angle of 
the birds to the sun and to you.  When looking for the bird  the easiest 
thing to check is the size. The WFIB is definitely as small or  smaller than any 
of the adult Glossies, although there are a couple of apparent  
birds-of-the-year (black looking) that are smaller.  Of course the Red Eye  is the most 
definitive marking, although the pink area above the bill is also  
I can't compete with Mark's excellent photos, but here are a  few pictures 
that Illustrate the difference between the 2 species, WFIB always  on the 
Don Morgan

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