[CT Birds] Great Meadows & Peck's Mill Pond (Stratford)

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 6 12:50:34 EDT 2009

Great Meadows, 8:30a (behind warehouses and pond path)-
2- Whimbrel (present when I left around 9ish)
2- BC Night Herons(pond)
1- Gr. Yellowlegs
1- Osprey
1- Clapper rail (heard)
1- Red-tailed Hawk
**  DO NOT even attempt to go near that pond trail without bug spray.  There could have been a Dodo there and I still would've had to leave.... even with OFF Deep Woods all over me.  Relentless swarms of mosquitoes.  **
Peck's Mill Pond, 9:30a-12:00p-
7- Wood Ducks (1 non-breding male, 1 adult female, 5 ducklings)
2- Black-and-white warblers (adult and 1st winter)
1- Am. Redstart (m)
2- Yellow warblers
2- Louisiana Waterthrush (thanks Charlie)
14- Waxwings
3- E. Kingbirds
1- unidentified empid flycatcher*
2- Green Herons
1- Great Blue Heron
3- Swifts
4- Barn swallows
2- Tree swallows
1- RT Hummingbird
* I think a 1st year Least.... complete eye ring, buffy colored wingbars. *
Quite literally dozens of juvenile Robins were everywhere.  
I also had a large mammal swimming in the pond.  It surfaced once to let me get one shot of it's head.  I've never seen a muskrat or beaver.... or otter in there before.  At one point it was under water for at least 11 minutes.  It stayed pretty much in one area (while under water), making bubbles and disturbances on the surface....  it gave me the impression that it was rolling around under water.  I've seen beavers, muskrats, and otters (none at Peck's)... but I can't figure this one out.  Interesting.....

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