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Hi Folks

I was going through Bird Lore Vol 40 Page 366
The Seasonal Report June 15 to August  15 1938

I found the following comments reminiscent of this summer

Dennis Varza

Boston Region.— The summer of 1938 will go down in history as the  
wettest ever known in New England, excepting only 1875. A moderate  
heat-wave in late June was followed by three days of deluging rain.  
During July there were nearly 10 inches of rain near Boston, flooding  
all river and marshes to spring-thaw proportions. The first half of  
August was warm, oppressively muggy with mosquitoes at plague  
proportions. At outer coastal points there was much less rain, but  
abnormally cool and foggy weather prevailed throughout July. New  
Englanders either ‘drowned’ or ‘mildewed’!

........ On the outer Cape the Terns as a whole had a disastrous  
season. At Monomoy, Arctic and Lest Tern had begun to lay by May 30.  
The majority of the pairs raised no young at all; a very few were  
feeding young unable to fly on August 15, probably representing a  
third laying.

New York Region—With the exception of the last two weeks in the  
period that is covered by the report, the daily record of weather was  
warm, humidity high, and and a shower or storm each day. For almost  
two months a Bermuda ‘high’ was present to the south of us, drawing  
the warm west and southwest wind, moisture-laden, to our territory;  
it was an unusual day that was without rain in some form. The  
combination of warmth and excessive moisture was ideal for the growh  
of our flora, but, from the general tone of the bird reports, our  
nesting birds did not fare too well. The colonial beach-birds must  
have been affected by the constant downpours, especially the nestlngs  
that were hatching at the time, and even at the present time there is  
an absence of the large flocks of Terns on our outer beach.

For this year at Bridgeport, the rainfall was 6.42 in. in June, 4.24  
in. in July

I found some historical data for Central Park NYC
These are the years of greatest  rainfall

		38		68		75		03		06		07		09
June	7.13	3.15	7.58	10.27	8.55	6.55	10.6
July 	5.82	2.63	11.77	3.76	6.16	6.87	7.11

I have data for the last few year  for Bridgeport
		03		06		07		09
June	7.5		5.53	4.39	6.42
July		1.98	3.86	2.61	4.24

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