[CT Birds] Possible hybrid White-faced x Glossy Ibis also with flock at Silver Sands

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Fri Aug 7 10:56:14 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Yesterday, Fran Zygmont sent two photos of an Ibis in the flock at Silver Sands Sp that has a red eye, but otherwise looks like a Glossy Ibis. ?It has gray facial skin and white skin above and below the eye with less purple in the tertials. They bird looks?like an adult, but may be a second-year individual -- there seems to be some odd wing molt.??Care should be taken when looking for the White-faced Ibis; it has red facial skin and white on the forehead.??

I also wanted to make note of size perception.??My impression, and that of others who first saw the bird was that the bird is slightly larger, longer legged, and longer billed than the other ibis.? I don't believe I mentioned it when I sent in the report.? Mark commented that he thought is was smaller, and subsequently, others have stated the same thing.? Is it a matter of the power of?suggestion?? My opinion hasn't changed, so is it smaller or larger?? It seems it's a?matter of conditions combined wit?one's perception - light conditions, angle of view,?can change one's perception of relative size, and temperature/weather conditions determine whether a bird puffs up or compresses its feathers...? it's an interesting observation..? I'd be curious to hear others take on the birds size relative to the Glossy Ibis...? 

Frank Gallo
CT Audubon Coastal Center 
at Milford Point

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