[CT Birds] Carolina Wren - Nesting?

Tammy Eustis teustis at killingworthlibrary.org
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Carolinas - at least in my experience - will do a second nesting in a season. We currently have a nest with at least 3 babies inside, tucked into my Mom's window box. The resident house wrens also produced a second brood this summer, in a nestbox in our front woods. I was surprised to see both wren families nesting so close to each other at the same time - always assumed there was a little rivalry between them.
This site has some great examples of the odd places Carolina wrens will nest: http://www.sialis.org/nestscarolinawren.htm.
- Tammy Eustis, Chester
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I have a Carolina Wren building nests in both of our two hanging baskets. These baskets are 4 ft from each other. He has been singing away near these nests off and on for a few days. I know they sing all year round but are they late breeders? Bill Sweet Naugatuck _______________________________________________ This list is provided by the Connecticut Ornithological Association (COA) for the discussion of birds and birding in Connecticut. For subscription information visit http://lists.ctbirding.org/mailman/listinfo/ctbirds_lists.ctbirding.org 

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