[CT Birds] Great Egret big gulp

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Mon Aug 10 18:38:39 EDT 2009

--- On Mon, 8/10/09, Greg Hanisek <ghanisek at rep-am.com> wrote:
> After watching the egret
> struggle for anotrher 10 minutes, I came to the conclusion
> that it probably caught the rail alive, and the rail got
> mangled in the process. When we left, the egret was still
> trying to swallow it. No doubt the rail was way at the top
> end in prey size.

A few summers ago I spent quite a while waiting at the Access Rd pools in Stratford for a look at a Sora that had been reported.  While I waited there was a Green Heron off to the left with an eel it was trying to eat.  Actually it did eat it, several times, but every time I would look over a while later and it was struggling with the eel again.  I never did know how it ended, but from what I saw I would have bet on the eel; I think it was more than a Green Heron could manage.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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