[CT Birds] Stratford cleanup reminder

Scott Kruitbosch kbosch at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 18:36:54 EDT 2009

Please come to Stratford Point tomorrow morning at 8:30 for our volunteer
cleanup. As Twan said earlier, it is a fantastic chance to see some of the
great birds we have to offer there and all over the Stratford Important Bird
Area. If you have never visited, or simply do not know all the "hot spots"
in the area, we can show you around a bit, too. I hope all of the passion
this list has can be translated into beneficial actions for events such as

While it is not the best spot for spring migration, Stratford Point is an
amazing place for the fall movement. There are literally thousands of birds
present at high tide, and early mornings have provided more and more
passerines. It is not too hard to get 50+ species over the course of a few
hours. As you can see from what Twan and I have posted, rarities are
abundant as well. Tomorrow will be cooler all over the region, and since
we're even cooler by the shore, early morning temperatures should not be
uncomfortable. We hope to see you there!

Scott Kruitbosch
Connecticut Audubon Society
Stratford, CT
kbosch at gmail.com

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