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Wed Aug 12 19:19:27 EDT 2009

Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center, Milford
8/12    10AM-1PM        75, cloudy, low tide  rising
The 3 osprey juveniles were in and out of the nest and the  perch.  One was 
eating a fish around 10AM.  I have not observed any  juveniles actually 
fishing yet.
On the marsh:
36 American Black ducks, 500+ semipalmated sandpipers, 4  Greater yellow 
legs, 22 Mute swans, 4 snowy egrets, 2 Great egrets, 1 Great blue  heron,
4 D.C. Cormorants (2 adults, 2 juveniles), 2 juvenile yellow  crowned night 
herons, 2 laughing gulls, 6 common terns.
Birds on grounds by marsh -2 Cardinals (1 M, 1 F), 2 tree  swallows, 8 
house sparrows, mourning doves,  starlings, 1 Cowbird, 1  American robin, 
1 mockingbird,  grackles.
>From Bev Propen  Orange

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