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Hi James,
Here at our home in Stratford (10 years), we have a hummingbird feeder or two, plus an extensive flower garden to attract hummers and butterflies.  I don't know what it is, but this year we have had almost no hummingbirds.  None visited in the spring.  And only 2 or 3 have made very brief, one-visit stops in the past month or so.  Normally we would have 2-3 visiting daily now.  My wife has plant pots on the deck filled with a variety of salvias and other attractants.  But, we too are still waiting.
Also, I'm out birding sw CT a lot, and I have only seen about 5 hummingbirds afield all year. So, all I can say, is that from our perspective, there are far fewer hummingbirds than normal, at least in this part of the state.
Frank Mantlik

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While the talk of hummingbirds is up, I also could use some help. I have been trying to attract hummingbirds to my house for 3 years now, and have been unsuccesfull. I have tryed putting up a bottle style feeder filled with nectar, as well as planted foxgolve, trumpet honeysuckle vines, salvias, and many red impatiens. I have never seen a single hummer in my yard. I do live on the beach, and even though the flowers and feeders are not on the beach side of the house, I am wondering if my location on the coast is why I have no hummers. If anyone has any ideas for me, I would be most grateful. thanks.

James Randall
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