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Hey, congrats on the success... perhaps I should do the same and move my 
feeders apart.

I'm curious as to the territoriality of hummers... I belong to an online 
nature photo sharing group and there's a gal who has posted pics of her 
hummers at the feeders... numerous hummers swarming and feeding from two 
feeders with numerous ports... I'm sure there are squabbles but I found it 
interesting - it's not the first time I've seem pictures or video of swarms 
of hummers feeding from nectar plants or feeders.

Donna Lorello

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>I an both embarrassed and happy to say that a twelve inch move forward got 
>a gorgeous adult female to the dull feeder. It took me until about 2 weeks 
>ago to have daily visitors...but like the rest already said, patience is 
>the key. Now I'm trying to figure out the politics...one adult male was 
>perched in a huge oak that overlooks my whole yard all day yesterday. He 
>came to feed himself a few times, but mostly he was playing security.  2 
>aren't allowed to even touch anything in the yard, but the adult female is. 
>I thought it was females they chase off at this time? He bee-lines right to 
>the intruder and either hovers above in acceptance and goes back to the 
>perch (adult female), or takes serious offense and chases them all over. 
>And just like the last 2 days, he is on his perch now! For what its worth, 
>mind really enjoy salvia.  Thanks for all the responses.  -Brian-
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