[CT Birds] Cattle Egret, Am Redstarts

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Fri Aug 14 15:10:00 EDT 2009

Thursday afternoon around 5:15 I was driving east on US Rt 44  in 
Mansfield, coming up on the intersection with Rt 195 (main road through  Storrs/UCONN)
when I saw something white in the middle of the road.   Though I originally 
thought it was a Great Egret, I'm now sure (with a little  help) that it 
was a Cattle Egret.  The bird was apparently crossing the  road, stalking 
along just as he would on a lawn or marsh.  I was fooled at  first because 
unlike the CAEG at Hammo this summer, it was pure white, but it  had a yellow 
bill, black legs and feet, and really was way too small to be a  Great Egret.  
The bird paid absolutely no attention to me and slowly walked  up onto the 
mowed grass and across the sidewalk.  I checked that area and  UCONN this 
morning but saw no sign of the bird.
This morning I spotted a pair (M-F) of American Redstarts  in Mansfield 
near the lake, first I have seen in a long time.  Its an area  I often check 
and I had not seen them before, so I wonder if they are  migrants.  There has 
been an Ovenbird singing in that spot all summer and I  did NOT hear it 
Don Morgan

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