[CT Birds] Milford Point & Silver Sands

peeplo at aol.com peeplo at aol.com
Fri Aug 14 20:32:47 EDT 2009

 8/14/2009 Milford Point: 1 Peregrine Falcon flew over the parking lot today with 8 Purple Martins (from our box) and many swallows in hot pursuit.. It was quite a site... There were plenty of migrating Bank Swallows passing the point today.. I heard brief calls from what sounded like a Yellow-breasted Chat coming from the vine tangles at the north edge of the parking lot near the brush pile, but I could not locate the bird, nor did it call again.? At Silver Sands State Park there were several Bobolinks feeding in the marsh, a Savannah Sparrow feeding on the west lawn near the marsh, and a Willow Flycatcher hunting the edge of the marsh...? Only one Glossy Ibis was in the area..? Frank Gallo




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