[CT Birds] "Lost then Found" Book

Renee Lindenmeier renee.lindenmeier at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 15 14:34:26 EDT 2009

Years ago (May 14, 1987 to be exact), Erma (Jonni) Fisk was the keynote speaker at the NHBC annual dinner.  My mom and I were regular attendees at meetings and dinners back then, and for several years until kids took over my night life.  Anyway, Jonni as she went by, was quite the interesting and entertaining speaker about her adventures.  She brought with her a book she wrote, The Peacocks of Babbaquivari (sp?), of which Mom bought a copy and Jonni autographed with To Elaine Rausch, Erma J. Fisk, May 14, 1987.  As far as Mom knew, the book never left her house and to this day she believed was with her collection of guides and bird stories.  I recently was introduced to a wonderful used bookstore out in Niantic and was looking through the bird section when I saw three copies of the book and immediately decided I wanted to add it to my own growing collection of guides and stories.  I chose the book in the best condition, opened the cover and, you
 guessed it! - it was my Mom's book.  She has absolutely no idea how it could have wound up out of her house.  The only logical explanation is that she loaned it to someone, forgot about it, and they sold or donated it without looking through the books they were purging from their house.  My friend Carol who brought me to the bookstore laughed saying, you had to pay $5.00 for a book that would have been willed to you!  Mom got a chuckle out of that, too.  Remarkable experience for me.


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