[CT Birds] Stratford yard/woods-

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 16 12:27:03 EDT 2009

8/16, Stratford yard/woods-       Ospreys have been flying over my yard often over the last few weeks. This morning one had a large fish, took it to the top of a cell tower across the street to eat, then lazily soared away. I have an estimated 5-6 hummers coming around at different times. Two gnatcatchers on the edge of the woods this morning. Two vocal red-shoulders yesterday. Lots of barn swallows moving overhead last night, at least 2 Cliff swallows mixed in with barns, a few rough-wings, and many swifts. Both house and Carolina wrens have been noisy. Ovenbird, black-and-whites, male redstart, yellow, two blue-wings, grosbeak trio, and a pileated in the woods this morning.  Dawn and dusk blackbird flights getting into thousands. Spicebush swallowtail caterpillar on sassafrass in addition to a mystery butterfly I see often... white square on underside of hindwing. Ran into a Box turtle too. (Pretty sure its a different one, Twan!  Will try for photos soon.)  -Brian Webster-

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