[CT Birds] Hummer wash

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Mon Aug 17 11:55:33 EDT 2009

I'm leaving for 9 days in Arizona tomorrow, so I was watering  my flowers 
and plants this morning in the hopes that a few may still be alive  when I 
get back.  I  was using a very heavy spray to water the garden  in front of my 
house when a hummer came zooming in to use the feeder in back of  the 
garden.  She was about 6 feet from me.  She hovered, looked,  hovered, sipped a 
couple of times and then took off.  I was thinking it was  nice she had come 
so close, when she reappeared, this time going from port to  port and having 
a nice long drink.  When she finished, to my surprise, she  zoomed down 
close to the stream of water from the hose, only 3 feet or so from  me.  After 
looking for a moment she flew right into it and hovered under  the heavy 
spray!  It was so hard I thought she might be blasted out, but  she stayed 
right there with seemingly no effort.  She even went back and  forth through it 
a couple of times.  After about 30 seconds she flew off  again.  
Of course I've seen misters for hummers touted many times, but  never 
thought of trying one because I have a well, and the pump would never shut  off.  
After that experience, if I can figure out a way, I'm going  to give it a 
try next year, and I would certainly recommend it if you have  city water.
I''ll be here to catch up on the list a week from Friday, so  keep those 
posts coming.  Also, looking forward to the Hawk Watch at LHP  when I come 
home : )
Don Morgan

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