[CT Birds] Hummers

LOUISE CROCCO silverbeachkid at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 17 20:21:46 EDT 2009

I, too, had an experience a couple of years ago with a garden hose and a hummingbird. While watering my yard, I spotted a hummingbird and I had heard that they need a fine mist because most bird baths are too deep for them. I thumbed the end of the hose and created a really fine mist. The bird flitted in and out of it and then went to a nearby bush to preen his feathers. He came over and over again. By the time he finished, boy was I tired. I have been enjoying hummer action at my feeders in my yard at Silver Sands and also at the Coastal Center. There was a lot of action in the flower garden at Bent of the River on Saturday, too.

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