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Hi All,

This came to me from Mary Head in West Haven.? It seemed important enough to pass along to the group.? If anyone can attend the meeting, it would be helpful.? This?seems as if it's being rushed through without the community's?knowledge.? Thank you..? FG

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?????The City of West Haven has been asked to change its Ordinance which prohibits motorized vehicles on its beaches. This change - if enacted - would allow Paragliders to launch (wearing a motor and wings and landing gear strapped onto the paraglider's body) off West Haven beaches (3 miles long). Of special concern is the area known as Sandy Point, an Important Bird Area (designated by National Audubon), which is the breeding place for the federally protected Piping Plover as well as home to over 25 other shore bird species.

????James Holt of West Haven has made an official request to City Council to change the above-mentioned ordinance so that he can launch his Paragliding equipment off a section of West Haven beach across from Cap't Galley's Restaurant on Beach Street. This area is very close to Sandy Point.


????On Monday, August 24, 2009 at 6:45 PM, a public input session will? be held before the formal meeting of the City Council which meets in 3rd floor Council Chamber at City Hall, 355 Main Street, West Haven. At this public information session, citizens can express their reactions to this proposed change of ordinance.

????West Haven conservationists are encouraging those of like mind to attend this meeting and express their opinions as to the feasibility?of changing the ordinance prohibiting motorized vehicles/equipment on City beaches. In order to protect wildlife, especially nesting and reproducing birds, it seems that motorized vehicles/ equipment should continue to be prohibited from West Haven beaches.

????Please join us at the above time, date and place to speak out for the protection of wild life, especially shore/marine birds.


Thank you,

Mary Head

Master's Student in Ecological Education at Southern Connecticut State University


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