[CT Birds] Torrington -- 100s Common Nighthawk

twan leenders tleenders at ctaudubon.org
Sat Aug 22 19:19:22 EDT 2009

Since the last belt of rain came through at about 5PM, 100s of Common Nighthawks have been hawking insects below the low cloud cover over downtown Torrington. The birds break up into smaller flocks at times and groups of nighthawks are moving back and forth over the Naugatuck River (Rt 4) corridor, occasionally circling in place in large clouds. I stopped a few times while running errands and got actual counts of the smaller "sub" flocks. I counted 120, 185 & 245 on three separate occasions and with each count at least one additional flock of similar or slightly smaller size was visible a few blocks away. I'm estimating between 300-500 birds total. They were still present when I got home, around 7 PM but the sky is clearing now and they may end up moving a bit before bedding down for the night. The flocks seem to be moving more directionally than before and appear to be heading west. Mohawk Mountain could be really interesting tomorrow at daybreak!

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