[CT Birds] Wednesday Morning at LHPP

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Wed Aug 26 17:15:36 EDT 2009

This morning, August 26th,?I spent from 6:30 AM until 10:00AM at Lighthouse Point Park, for the Passerine flight. Robin Mc Callister was there to count the hawks, which will be reported Seperately.

The following migrants were noted:

Common Grackle:?? 100

Brown-Headed Cowbirds:?? 8

Bobolinks:?? 15

Red-Wing Blackbirds:?? 30

Tree Swallow:?? 55

Barn Swallow:?? 30

Eastern Kingbird:?? 20

Chimney Swift:?? 7

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird:?? 3

?There was also 1 Lesser Yellowlegs flying around in the park, calling its 2- noted call.

Bill Banks


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