[CT Birds] Stratford sightings....

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 27 09:06:49 EDT 2009

8/27, Stratford yard/woods/powerline cut (Chapel St.)-
(dawn to about 7:00a)
(4) Redstarts (feeding fledglings)
(2) Black-and-white Warblers
(1) Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
(1) Blue-headed Vireo
(2) Wood Thrush
(3) RT Hummingbirds
(4) NRW Swallows
(3) Barn Swallows
(9) Swifts
(1) Pileated Woodpecker
(1) juvenile Cooper's Hawk 
8/26, Stratford yard area, wood edges, Flood Middle and Chapel St. Schools (dusk)-
(8) Common Nighthawks moving southeast
(1) SOLITARY SANDPIPER on the edge of a flooded area behind Chapel St. School.  Nice suprise when I heard it calling.  I've had a Great egret and GB Heron there, each once, but thats it.  When Chapel re-did the school and playground a few years back, they made a ditch in the back that grew quickly into a dense thicket, and eventually filled with water.  The water floods out of the ditch onto the field, were there are lots of bugs and frogs.  It is a small area along the fence that runs along the road that goes behind both schools (accessed from James Farm Rd.).
Over my condos, and the open areas of the fields and schools across the street, there were a ton of hawking birds at all levels.  30+ Barn swallows (many just flying through), 6 NRW Swallows, 27+ Swifts, and the 8 Nighthawks.  Two of the Nighthawks actually swooped around and hunted, the other 6 came in shortly after and pretty much just moved through.  The hunting two were close enough that I was able to tell they were both males by their tail band.... I had never seen them good enough before to do that.
8/26, Housatonic CC (6:30ish)-
(10+) Swifts hawking over downtown
8/26, Stratford yard/woods (around 11:00a-12:45p)-
(1) Osprey
(1) Broad-winged Hawk
(2) Red-shouldered Hawks
(1) female Yellowthroat out of it's normal area... it was in a potted Maple tree on my patio for about 2 minutes before it took off back into the wood edges/thickets.
8/26, Peck's Mill Pond (sometime before 8am...I forget...)-
(6) Wood ducks (1 adult male, 1 adult female, 4 juveniles)
(1) DC Cormorant
(1) LA Waterthrush (could it be the same one still?)
(2) Black-and-white warblers
(3) Kingbirds
(1) Least flycatcher (very vocal)
(2) Bank swallows
(5) Tree swallows (more so near Housatonic)
(3) Barn swallows
(3) Swifts
The wood ducks at Peck's had 5 offspring... I'm wondering if I missed one or if it found it's link in the food chain.
I also saw 5 Cormorants flying over Paradise Green around 8:30a yesterday.
-Brian Webster-
Stratford, CT
b.webster at hotmail.com

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