[CT Birds] SE CT coast 8/29

Glenn Williams gswilliams9 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 29 12:05:55 EDT 2009

from Phil Rusch and Glenn Williams:
8/29 (07:30-09:30 hrs) - Groton, Eastern Point Beach - third cycle LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL and three FORSTER'S TERNS

Neither of us could recall ever seeing that plumage of Lesser Black-backed Gull before.  It was actually somewhat intermediate between 3rd cycle and non-breeding adult.  It magically appeared in the parking lot and then just as magically disappeared about thirty minutes later.  We also had approximately 2000 Tree Swallows flying east this morning across the Thames River and the Sound.  The bulk of them came in two waves.  Mixed in were a few Purple Martins and other swallow species.  Anyone have any idea why they were flying east - the "wrong" way and into the wind?  Phil considered feeding purposes.  Nothing of note was seen at Stonington Point.

Glenn Williams


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