[CT Birds] Fw: New Bird Siting in Bethlehem, CT

Diane and Jerry jerdiadeh at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 4 19:10:39 EDT 2009

Hi -

I live in Bethlehem, CT, and cannot ID this bird I've never seen before.  It was too elusive for a picture but here's a description - as best as I can.

It almost looks like a black-capped chicadee but a little smaller.  Maybe about finch or warbler size.  Black beak (finch type). It's back is dark gray, pure white belly, very black head, neck, and wings.  A few white spots on the wings.  It looked just black and white until I looked through binoculars.  It also had a very soft single chirp.

It's not in any of my bird books, either:  Birds of CT,  The Birds Around Us, 250 Bird Sonds of North American Birds.

I would love to hear back with any info available.


Diane DeHippolytis


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