[CT Birds] Night, Nighthawks

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 4 19:44:36 EDT 2009

Tonight, at 7:30 PM, on my way to the mailbox while the sun had set and it was getting dark, I happened to look up at a passing high flying small airplane and noticed some small specks all flying high and heading due SW. They silhouetted well against the bright clouds which were catching the last of the sunset. When i got my nocks, they were all NIGHTHAWKS. 

This must be their style of true migration. not flying low feeding and meandering about as we often see them do.
All these birds were heading due SW in earnest, with none wavering one bit from this direction. In 15 minutes I counted over 220 birds, having to stop as the sun finished illuminating the clouds they were seen flying against.

This was my first sighting of this high flying Nighthawk migration. 

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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