[CT Birds] Birds and insect hatching

DEIRDRE MURTHA sdmurtha at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 5 14:01:11 EDT 2009

We also had a swarm of winged ants friday evening here in Norwalk. I noticed it because of the bird behavior; the usual backyard birds, grackles, house sparrows and mockingbirds were perched all over fence posts and rooftops, taking quick, flycatcher-like flights for unseen prey. On closer inspection, we found them to be winged ants. I surmised that we would have large numbers of swifts and perhaps nighthawks as evening wore on, but we were disappointed. I guess they had plenty of other choices!
Interesting that the hatching was synchronized over such a large area.
-Sean and Brendan Murtha, Norwalk

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