[CT Birds] Stratford sightings

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 5 15:53:13 EDT 2009

9/5, Sikorsky Airport (2-300p)- NORTHERN WHEATEAR. Present and active when I left at 3. Several birders still there when I left.    Behind warehouses (3-325p)- 7-8 Whimbrels, dozens of egrets and a Kestrel.  Access pool across from R.E. Michal (330p)- 2 Sanderlings, same Stilt sandpiper, 4 Green-winged Teal, Whimbrel fly-over, 1 Marsh wren, and one female Boat-tailed grackle in addition to the common shorebirds.  -Brian Webster- 

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