[CT Birds] vultures

martin swanhall mswanhall at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 6 12:37:38 EDT 2009

While driving pass the "Transfer Station" here in Woodbury today (9/6/09 about 8:30am), I saw a group of 20 or so vultures flying over the garbage dumpsters.  I pulled off side of road to watch since I did not have my binocs.  A few of the vultures flew over head and some had white at tips/ends and towards the back of their wings and others just had white towards the tips/ends of their wings.  Those with white towards the tips/ends of wings also had tails that were just a bit longer than the length of their feet.

Could these possibly have been black vultures?

Of the 6 or so that flew overhead, or at least towards me so I could see the undersides if their wings, 3 had the white tips and short tails.

There is a group of 20 or so at the transfer station almost every day it is not being used - next time will drive by with binocs.

Marty from Woodbury

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