[CT Birds] Northern Wheatear YES (again), Access Road

Alexander Burdo alexanderburdo at mac.com
Sun Sep 6 16:44:32 EDT 2009

 From Alex Burdo and James Orrico:
2:35p.m.-I returned to Sikorsky Airport to see if the Northern  
Wheatear was still there and found the bird in the same spot, sitting  
on the fence in front of the runway. After 5 minutes he flew down to  
the runway and started flycatching. I lost sight of him at 2:56.
More Northern Wheatear Photos:


Access Road Pool: 2 Sandpipers that looked very much like Westerns  
(droopy bill and molting), also other birders were considering White- 
rumped and Pectoral but I was on limited time and had to leave before  
any calls were made.

A nice day to get out and go birding!

Alex Burdo

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