[CT Birds] New Birding / ID Website

Mark Szantyr birddog55 at charter.net
Mon Sep 7 04:40:03 EDT 2009

I have recently become aware of a really nice Birding ID and Bird info forum 
site called Birdfellow.com.  They are offering a wide variety of on-line 
articles and discussions on ID, distribution, and much more. In the near 
future, the plan is for it to become an even more extensive database for 
birding-related artillces and photos.  We are really lacking this type of 
continent wide ornithological resource.  Recently, they used a blog note of 
mine about hybrid juncos for their web forum.  If you are interested, and I 
assume if you are reading this list-serv you probably will be, you should 
check out www.birdfellow.com.

Mark S. Szantyr
80 Bicknell Road #9
Ashford, Connecticut 06278
Birddog55 at charter.net

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