[CT Birds] LHP - Tuesday 09-08-2009

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Tue Sep 8 15:54:54 EDT 2009

After a V E R Y slow start this morning at Lighthouse Point, things actually picked up? to a respectible count for the Hawkwatch. Again,?as Greg noted yesterday, there was virtually no Passerine morning flight, with just 19 Common Grackles, 5 Bobolinks, 16 RT Hummingbirds, and 4 Common Nighthawks reported. There was 1 Green Heron in the park, which might be new for this year, so far.

As for the Raptors:

Osprey... 34

Northern Harrier... 6

Sharp-shinned Hawk... 15

Cooper's Hawk... 3

Red-Tailed Hawk... 1

American Kestrel... 17

Merlin... 2

Unidentified Accipiter... 1

Total ... 79

Bill Banks


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