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For what it's worth, I was just noting to myself in the past week or so how 
thick the White Pine cones are in the Waterbury area. Then I was at Great 
Pond in Simsbury and we noticed the same thing. Of course any boreal 
conifer-seed-eating birds we might hope to see in winter will respond to the 
situation in the far north. But if Red Crossbills stage a flight this 
fall-winter, they should find plenty to eat around here.

Greg Hanisek

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>A quick round in West Hartland today we had:
> A group of 6 JUNCO. They seem to be gathering
> in small groups now unlike while breeding.
> Warblers seem to be more active as well,being seen
> now in small groups here and there.
> Has anyone been noticing the plethora of cones hanging
> from most White Pine trees? I have never seen such
> abundance of cones like there is up here in northern
> Connecticut this year. Is it the same throughout the State?
> Paul Carrier
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