[CT Birds] Recent Stratford sightings-

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 11 11:45:24 EDT 2009

9/10, Stratford yard-
(1) Common Raven croaking while flying overhead
(5) Redstarts
(1) Magnolia warbler
(10-12) Nighthawks moving southeast around dusk
Wooster Park (10:30a)-
(1) Snowy egret next to a Great.  
(2) Solitary sandpipers
(1) Blue-gray gnatcatcher
Snowys aren't very common inland, are they??  Wooster pond isn't thaaaaat inland, but certainly not close to the shore.  I did a double take when I drove by and saw a mini white egret next to one of the Greats that hangs out there.  I parked and jumped out quick to make sure it wasn't anything else, and when I approaced the edge of the pond it flew off to the south over the school itself.... yellow feet visible under all the mud.
9/11, Stratford yard-
(2) Osprey
(1) Chesnut-sided warbler
(1) Yellow-rumped warbler
(4) RT Hummers (where are all the adult males??)
Off topic a bit.... but does anyone have any info on the American Dagger moth??  I found a really neat looking larvae (all white... most photos online show yellowish caterpillars) on my maple tree and I put it in a large container with some branches/leaves so I can watch it transform.
I can't really find anything about them online, other than photos of larvae and adults, they eat most decisuous trees, and that the adults are around 2".  I couldn't find any range maps, status, flight dates, or how common they are. 
I was able to find a quick description of the caterpillar which helped in IDing it...  about 2" with long setae (right word?) that are usually yellow but can be white, with a pair of long black lashes on the 1st and 3rd abdominal segment, and a single lash on the 8th.
Any info is appreciated.
-Brian Webster-
Stratford, CT
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