[CT Birds] Farifield Birding

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Sat Sep 12 13:53:19 EDT 2009

Had some fantastic birding in Fairfield today. I think the storm brought in some nice birds. 

9/12 Ash Creek:

1 Great Blue Heron
1 Northern Parula
2 Belted Kingfishers

On my way there, I stopped at the parking lot at Jennings Beach and some great birding. I went to the far eastern side near the shrubby area. There was a flock of about 400 tree swallows feeding on the bushes on the sand dunes, and then they began skimming the numerous puddles in the parking lot, all around me, and it was very cool. Then, a Broad-winged Hawk flew by and spooked the swallows. It kept on flying. Eventually the swallows returned to eating and drinking, but then a MERLIN flew in and caught a swallow. Very cool to watch. As the merlin went to a tree to eat, a ruby throated hummer dove at it.  Also, I pished at the shrubby areas, and got a Brown Thrasher, a yellow warbler, and a CONNECTICUT WARBLER! 

Birdcraft Sanctuary:

1 hermit thrush
1 hairy woodpecker

South Pine Creek:

Amazing looks at a Sharp shinned Hawk about 5 feet away from me. 
Red shouldered Hawk
Peregrine Falcon---watched it catch a gray Catbird 10 feet away from me. 
1 red eyed vireo
1 male MOURNING WARBLER---If you go in the entrance from Old Dam Road, just before you cross the bridge, in the shrubs to the right. Really nice close up looks at it.

James Randall

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