[CT Birds] YB Fly, Wilson's, Bay-brested and other migrants...

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 14 09:06:23 EDT 2009

9/14, Stratford yard/woods/powerline cut (dawn-8:00a)-
In my woods there is an area close to the powerline cut where a very large oak tree fell and knocked over a large shag-bark hickory, making a large opening in the canopy.  The ground is all wetlands underneath, and lots of bugs swarm in the opening. Warblers, vireos and flycatchers were having quite the feast.
(1) Wilson's warbler (female)
(3) BT Blue warblers (2 females, one male)
(1) Bay-breasted warbler (alternate plumage male)
(2) Ovenbirds
(1) Black-and-white warbler
(8) Redstarts (only one adult male)
(3) Warbling vireos (one possibly a Philly... VERY colorful)
(1) YT Vireo
(1) Hermit thrush
(2) Veerys
(1) unidentified empidonax
(1) Yellow-bellied flycatcher (lifer)
(2) Great-crested flycatchers
(2) RB Grosbeaks (both female)
(1) Great egret (fly-over)
I also had an unidentified warbler that I think was an immature or fall female Mourning warbler.  It's eye ring was somewhat broken, and it had some smudging on the breast.  I first thought it was a Yellowthroat, because it was foraging very similarly.... low and somehwhat hidden/sulking, and the bill seemed simlar.   Then I saw it had a yellow belly instead of white.  One thing that brought me to Mourning was that it was in and around thickets with Blackberrys in it.... Peterson's (not Peterson's warblers) mentions that it frequents blackberry bushes in thickets.  Not enough for me to be sure of an ID though... maybe he'll be there later.
9/14, Flood Middle school field, powerline (part of Chapel St. cut), woods and associated edges (8-8:30a)-
(5) Killdeer (close to my high count of 7 for that field)
(1) Bald eagle (looked like a 2nd year bird)
(7) Broad-wings in a small kettle
(1) Cooper's hawk (juvenile... been around for a few weeks)
(6) Barn swallows
(3) Swifts
(1) fledgling Song sparrow (very young, still had the wide beak.... is that late?)
I got back from Plymouth, MA last night after going on the Seabird and Whale-tail Cruise into/over the Stellwagen Bank.  I added 8 lifers (Manx, Corys, Greater, and Sooty shearwaters, Wilson's Storm petrel, Black tern, Ren-necked Pharalope, Common Eider) and saw 17-20 Humpbacks, about a half dozen Minke whales, and a few Ocean sunfish with pilot fish on them.  At one point, two humpbacks were 'playing' with the boat.... going under it, breaching several times right next to it.  Great photo ops.  
Tern numbers were very high.... the naturalist counted about 1000/2200 Roseatte/Common terns.  And I guess 40+ Manx shearwaters was a good number.  There were shearwaters everywhere once the fog lifted (and I recovered from my sea-sickness!).  There was also a flock of Tree swallows several thousand strong.
(Were you there, Donna??)
-Brian Webster-
Stratford, CT
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