[CT Birds] backyard Mourning Warbler and local hawks

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 17:02:42 EDT 2009

Had a great few hours of backyard/local birding today, including
getting two new yard birds within minutes of each other (Black Vulture
and Peregrine Falcon) and a total of 11 raptor species (including
non-migrants). Was able to pish up an immature Mourning Warbler
(showed a nearly complete thin eye ring) to my surprise. A couple
hours of casual hawkwatching while reading outside late this morning
yielded the following migrants:

3 Black Vultures (new yard bird despite a few prior nearby sightings -
high and heading in the same line as the migrant hawks so I'm guessing
5 Osprey
1 Bald Eagle (imm; 3rd in the last week)
1 Northern Harrier
15 Sharp-shinned Hawks
49 Broad-winged Hawks
2 American Kestrel
1 Peregrine Falcon (new yard bird! - adult)

And an hour's worth of late-afternoon watching from Grassy Hill in
Orange, migrants only:
7 Osprey
1 Northern Harrier
4 Sharp-shinned Hawks
189 Broad-winged Hawks (including a kettle of 112 birds)
2 American Kestrel
1 Merlin

Also 2 Marsh Wrens in the field.

As for the current condition of Grassy Hill (along Rte 34 in Orange),
a few more homes are in the process of being built and most of the
field has been destroyed. However there are still a couple pockets of
nice habitat there (along the eastern edge) and the view is still
fantastic for hawk-watching. Development hasn't been as fast as I had
thought...they've been working on building up this property for a few
years now.

>From Nick Bonomo:
9/15 - Orange yard -- imm. MOURNING WARBLER

Nick Bonomo
Orange, CT

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