[CT Birds] Tuesday 9-15-2009 at LHP

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Tue Sep 15 17:27:35 EDT 2009

The morning started off very slowly again today, but like in the previous days, became much better by the 10 AM hour. 

>From 7:30 to 8:30 AM- EDT, there was a steady stream of Tree Swallows in flight, with a total for the day of Approx. 1,200.

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds were not as plentiful today, with only 14 seen.? There was 1 Common Loon, 2 Great Egrets, a few Bobolinks, and about 10 Barn Swallows also seen.

As for the Hawks.....

Osprey... 10

Bald Eagle... 4 // 1 - ?2 year old... 2 Juveniles... 1 Adult 

Northern Harrier... 13

Sharp-Shinned Hawk... 128

Cooper's Hawk... 9

Broad-wing Hawk... 12

American Kestrel... 26

Merlin... 3

Total... 205

Thanks again to Julian Hough and Alex, Marty Moore, Dori Sosenski and Lois Acampora for their help. The count would not have been as high without the additional eyes.

Bill Banks

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