[CT Birds] Beacon Falls Broadwings 09-15-2009

semismart9 at aol.com semismart9 at aol.com
Tue Sep 15 17:39:06 EDT 2009

After spending the day at Lighthouse Point counting the Hawks, on my way home? I stopped on Rimmon Hill Road in Beacon Falls, at the Weed Farm on the top of the hill. I figured that that location might produce some Broadwings in the afternoon. I was correct.....

When the first kettle of Broadwings showed up, I called Roy Harvey, to let him know?so he could go?into his yard so he could see them, also. He ended up coming around the corner to watch and count with me. This is what we were able to see, and count:

Broad-Wing Hawk... 650

Black Vulture... 5

Sharp-Shinned Hawk... 7

Cooper's Hawk... 1

American Kestrel... 2

Red-Tailed Hawk... 3

I arrived at 3:10 PM, and left the site at 4:30 PM...? both E D T.

Bill Banks


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