[CT Birds] Broad-wing potential this weekend

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I will never forget my first CT Audubon trip to Cape May in September 1995. There were thousands of Hawks in the sky. Lying on the grass at the light house and watching the sky...thousands of black dots filled the sky. The dots were all different sizes depending on the altitude of the Hawk. I've never seen anything like that since. I'll be on the lookout for it; maybe this weekend will be reminiscent of that day in Cape May.

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> Hi all,
> As I am typing this, a cold front is passing us from the north, bringing
> much cooler air (high ~60 F tomorrow) into the area, and along with it we
> will get lots of clouds and some rain. While winds should maintain a
> northerly (more specifically, NE) vector, these clouds and rain could slow
> or even shut down Broad-winged Hawk migration over eastern New England for
> the next three days. It is supposed to clear Friday afternoon as winds shift
> to the N/NNW, and should stay sunny for both Saturday and Sunday. While it's
> still early in the week and the forecast could change, there is potential
> for a very large movement of Broad-winged Hawks this weekend since the
> clouds and rain may prevent them from flying during their peak migration
> time in the northeast (mid-September). At Quaker Ridge in Greenwich, the
> biggest days (over 30000!) have come after days of blocking weather, and
> while that is probably an overly optimistic prediction for this weekend,
> there will definitely be large numbers (very good chance for counts in the
> several thousands if the forecast sticks). If you can, I'd get out to a hawk
> watch this weekend. It's quite an amazing event to witness!
> Good birding,
> Benjamin Van Doren
> White Plains, NY
> warblings.wordpress.com
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