[CT Birds] Stratford Lincoln's Sparrow, etc.

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 15 22:29:45 EDT 2009

I birded Stratford today (9/15), covering the shoreline pretty thoroughly in the morning, then hawk watching at Boothe park with Scott & Charlie 1:30-5pm.  My tally was 78 species with the following highlights:
-LI Sound Public Access Area behind Deluca Ballfied (Main St.) - 1 LINCOLN'S SPARROW, 2 Indigo Bunting, 1 Bobolink.-Access Rd Pool - 1 PECTORAL SANDPIPER, 8 Green-winged Teal.-Short Beach Park - 3 RED KNOTS with BBPs and Sands on rocks at SE end of park.- Stratford Marina - 19 YELLOW-CROWNED NIGHT HERONS roosting in trees, ca. 100 Greater Yellowlegs (plus a few Lessers, and SBDows).-Boothe Park -  8 Bald Eagles, 2 Peregrines, ca. 350 Broadwings, 1 probable CAPE MAY WARBLER (drab fall female) that Scott & I saw.-Sikorsky Airport - no sign of the Northern Wheatear 8-8:30am, nor from the Main St. side later in the morning.

Frank Mantlik,Stratford

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