[CT Birds] Three Days on the shore

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Wed Sep 16 15:47:03 EDT 2009

Hi folks

The past three days I covered fro Griswold Pt. to Sherwood Is. St.  
Pk. The general tone of the area was a lack of birds. This time can  
be considered the break between early and late migration. Before this  
time the emphasis was in the departure of the summer birds and  
friends. Now the emphasis will be on the arrival of the winter birds.

I spent 2 hours sitting on the end of Griswold Pt on Tuesday for  
shorebirds at high tide.
1 Black-bellied Plover, 1 Greater Yellowlegs, 5 Semiplamated  
Sandpipers. No movement of birds off shore and very few gulls about.   
South Cove of Old Saybrook only had 5 Green-winged Teal At  
Hammonasset the same thing happening, the White-winged Scoter was  
still there. I didn't bother to go looking for the eider.

At Guilford, Sachem's Head there was 22 Greater Yellowlegs and 1  
Lesser Yellowlegs

At Sandy Pt. on Monday there were only 5 Semipalmated Plovers and 1  
Greater Yellowlegs.
The best birds Common Loon and Horned Larks. No Sharp-tailed Sparrow  
yet, but several Savannah Sparrows around here and elsewhere.

At Milford Pt. on Monday the largest group of shorebirds were 200  
Sanderling and they hang out on the breakwater at high tide. 57 Black- 
bellied Plovers, 9 Semipalmated Plovers, and 30 peeps.

At Bridgeport Today everything was more of the same.  At Fairfield  
and Westport was about 30 Killdeer combined.

Herons are moving now. Snowy and Great Egrets seem to be found  
everywhere even in less likely spots. By the end of the month, one  
will have to start looking for them.

Laughing Gulls have been forming flocks of up to 100  on the beaches  
along the shore pretty much all adults. First winter Herring Gulls  
almost equal adults in number and I still see begging going on.  
Immature Ring-billed Gulls again are more common inland and rather  
scarce on the shore.

A rare bird for Bridgeport was a group of 6 Blue-winged Teal at Lake  
Forest today.

In short, If you couldn't get out to the shore the past few days, you  
didn't miss much. But, then a bad day of birding.........

Dennis Varza

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