[CT Birds] Stratford BP 9/17

Scott Kruitbosch kbosch at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 19:09:29 EDT 2009

 From Scott Kruitbosch:
09/17/09 - Stratford, Boothe Park -- 1 adult male CAPE MAY WARBLER, the
second of the species in 3 days at the hawk watch site in the rose garden.

The fourth day of our soon to be official hawk watch at Boothe Park (BP)
was, as expected, slow. The raptor observations stopped briefly while I
frantically ran around for the Cape May. Unfortunately I was alone for the
third big hit of the week.

Charlie Barnard later made a great point in saying that the species is known
to be attracted to vineyards, and the rose garden does resemble one to a
certain degree. The ridgwayi Nashville and both Cape Mays were, at one point
each respective day, in the same 10-foot area. I initially discovered each
Cape May there at the eastern end. I do not believe any of us locals has
ever spent so many hours in this exact spot in Boothe before - this may be a
regular occurrence. Hopefully we will find out in time, or get a couple more

Observers: Charlie Barnard, John Marshall, Scott Kruitbosch, 1-2 at a time
Duration: ~3 hours

Raptor migrants:
2 Turkey Vulture
2 Osprey
2 Bald Eagle
1 Northern Harrier
15 Sharp-shinned Hawk
1 Cooper's Hawk
4 Broad-winged Hawk
1 Red-tailed Hawk
TOTAL - 28

Other migrants:
3 Ruby-throated Hummingbird
1 Cape May Warbler
4 Common Yellowthroats

Scott Kruitbosch
Connecticut Audubon Society
Stratford, CT
kbosch at gmail.com

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